City of Neumarkt
Halfway between metropolis and holiday destination

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Urban Branding

A strong business location with environmentally conscious residents, a part of the metropolitan region Nuremberg yet close to nature, a town for education and tradition: this brochure shows off the town of Neumarkt chapter by chapter. Starting with a strong information architecture and layout foundation, the pictures speak for themselves. The booklet engages entrepreneurs and potential employees alike and presents all the positive economic factors Neumarkt has to offer. Every message is emphasized by clean, comprehensible infographics; by embracing the tensions between classic and contemporary aesthetics, we created a strong identity for the economic region Neumarkt.

City of Neumarkt - Business Brochure Title
City Of Neumarkt - Image Editing
City Of Neumarkt - Reitstadel
City Of Neumarkt - Photo for the Business Brochure
City Of Neumarkt - Behind The Scenes
City Of Neumarkt - Editorial

Our favorite projects are those, where our clients give us free reign – from concept and text to illustration, art direction and layout. We created the whole booklet from scratch.

City Of Neumarkt - Business Brochure
City of Neumarkt - Business Brochure Page 8 and 9
City of Neumarkt - Detail Of The Business Brochure
City of Neumarkt - Detail of the Business Brochure
City of Neumarkt - Business Brochure Page 48 and 49
City of Neumarkt - Business Brochure Page 34 and 35