Loveday Jeans
A love letter to denim

Editorial Design

Supermodel Papis Loveday was on the hunt for the perfect jeans. Finding it difficult to buy one with the perfect fit and innovative design details, he decided to create one himself – combining elements from high fashion with the everyday wardrobe essentials. And so, the Loveday Jeans were born! We partnered with Papis to build a jeans brand that married excellent quality with modern aesthetics. Our lookbooks show off the heart of the brand: luxury, exceptional design and lots of Loveday glamour.

Papis Jeans Mockup
Papis Jeans Mockup
Papis Jeans Mockup

We love working together with clients who are creatives themselves. Developing your own personal brand is something very special.

Papis Jeans Mockup
Papis Jeans Model Photo
Papis Jeans Model Photo male
Papis Jeans lookbook model
Papis Jeans lookbook male model
Papis Jeans lookbook female model