Papis Loveday Jeans Lookbook

Gestaltung eines Lookbooks für die Loveday Jeans Kollektion Fall/Winter 2015

Die Herausforderung

"It´s still difficult to find a good pair of jeans which both fit perfect and have innovative design details. Combining my high standards for fashion with a basic wardrobe essential was a challenge but we´ve done it. See them, feel them, try them. I promise they´ll soon be your favorite jeans. You´ll love your lovedays"! – Papis Loveday

Unsere Lösung

Diese Broschüre verspricht, was Loveday Jeans einhalten: Edle, außergewöhnliche Looks und jede Menge Loveday-Glamour.

Papis Loveday


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